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A long absence… and a triumphant return!

Well! I must apologize a thousand-fold for my loooong absence over these last two months. The newest book was MY suggestion and two days after we decided to read Confessions, my mother-in-law passed away VERY suddenly while on vacation in Mexico. Since then our lives have been thrown into a whirlwind, and I could barely keep my schoolwork together with my family, much less two blogs. Now that school is finished, I feel a little bit of relief and can get some of myself back (at least I’m hoping!)

Anyway, I am LOVING the new book. I went to my mom’s for a week and forgot it, which thoroughly pissed me off. I’m hoping to finish it this weekend (4 hour car ride for vacation) and start cooking it next week. I swear it won’t be 3 months til you hear from me again, and never again will it take me 3 months to get through a book. I promise!

Anyway, onto some amazing news! I was in NY last week, and while I was in town, the always fabulous Giulia Melucci (of our first book, I Loved, I Lost, I Made Spaghetti, was doing a reading in SoHo. My sister came with me, and I loved it! She read a great part of the book…about her first encounter with Ethan and his school of cooking (I swear, buy the book!). She also prepared two dishes for everyone to try. One was one of my favorites – her Healthy Penne with broccoli and raisins. The other, I hadn’t made yet – because my hubs is not a fan of eggplant. She made Lachlan’s Rigatoni with eggplant. AAAAAAnd it was delicious. We both gobbled up plates. I would have taken that tray of pasta and dashed out the door if I could.

I did get some time to chat with Giulia and she was super sweet. She remembered our blog (and Marilla, because really, who forgets her?) I bought another copy of the book. Yes. I did. I figured I could use my hardcover for recipes and keep the paperback that she signed for me on the shelf. AND in the paperback version, there’s an extra chapter! So I had to buy it. Of course. Always an excuse to shop with me!!

Anyway, thank you Giulia for taking the time to chat with me!

Giulia and I at her reading at McNally Jackson Books.


  1. Marilla wrote:

    Yay Giulia! And haha @ remembering me. I’m just unforgettable like that ;D

    Wednesday, May 26, 2010 at 11:48 PM | Permalink
  2. Terrilyn wrote:

    Love the picture of you & Giulia! It must have been a fun day…She is such a doll! I’m so glad Marilla & I met her too….Loved the book & her too…Is she writing another book? I’d love that…..You’re looking fine too….Hmmm…is that a “Chanel” I spy???

    Saturday, June 5, 2010 at 12:30 AM | Permalink

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